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What’s your name?  Emily Helen Krause. Emily is my first name and Helen is my middle name. I am named after my Grandma Helen and she was very inspirational to me so I use ‘Emily Helen’ as my photography name. Most people just call me Emily, though. 

How long have you been on Kauai? I have been calling the beautiful garden island of Kauai home since 2006. I moved right after I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. I fell in love with the lush palms, the salty ocean and the laid-back island lifestyle. 

Why are you a photographer? I am a photographer because I am obsessed with photographs. And, I am highly creative and taking photographs fuels my soul.

Do you shoot film or digital? I use both, because I love all types of photography. Film has a dreamy quality that I can’t resist. I also love digital because it is immediate and unlimited. While photographing weddings and portraits, I use a combination of medium format film and digital cameras depending upon the lighting, situation and environment. 

What kind of lighting do you use? Natural. I love God’s lighting. Kauai has amazing lighting, because the sun bounces off of our ocean creating a dreamy quality of pure luxury for the eye. Of course after the sun has set or if it is low, I use a little flash to light up my subjects. 




Emily Helen Photography | Kauai, Hawaii

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